Generation 2: Altair Terrano

Generation 2: Altair Terrano
The Life and Legacy of Stella Terrano

Monday, May 18, 2015

Chapter 2.3 Contender: A Minisode

Welcome back! This will just be a small installment to hold everyone over until I can get a proper post fleshed out. I must warn you though, I've been playing this family and gotten behind on posting, so I'll be fast forwarding through these pictures a bit <_<

What's this? Having trouble calming the wee baby Zuben, are we?

Atlas: Nope! Uhh, not at all! *how do you get this thing to shut up??*

Castor: Well, you know what they say about Karma...

Dahlia: So, wanna have fun timez? ;)

Altair: Uhh, sure! *derp*

Aaaaaand more on that later...

because it's already time for Zuben to grow up!

Zuben: Best birthday suit evar!!

He inherited his mother's Neat trait.

Zuben: Oh yeah, I rawk.

... and maybe possibly her ego.

 Atlas: Check out my chicken dance!

Altair: Oh yeah, family boogie timez *derp*

Ahhh, I'm going to miss these early morning pee pee walk races to the only two toilets on the lot.

Synchronized homeworking at its finest.

Castor: You could say we're N'Sync!


Dahlia: *blargh!*

Poor mama. This 4th pregnancy was not easy on her.

... oh, did I not mention Dahlia's pregnant again? :)

Dahlia: Ugh, all these fun timez keep coming back to bite me on the ass...

Too late to complain about that now, you've got a baby on the way!

Dahlia: I wut?

Dahlia: Owwwww!!

Don't let that blue bassinet fool you...


We finally have a girl in the mix! Everyone, meet Gemma Terrano. ^_^

Dahlia decided to celebrate by whipping up breakfast for everyone.

Dahlia: Oh yeah, I RAWK! *sets stove on fire*

Dahlia: So I've gathered you all here to make an important announcement; I just gave birth to your new baby sister!


Castor: ... what is this "sister" you speak of?

Zuben: You were pregnant?

Atlas: Is Mom saying words again?

Dahlia: *headdesk*

Atlas: But I don't wanna 'nother sibling! It's too full in this house, and I've got enough competition already!

Zuben: Don't care. I rawk.

Cheer up, Atlas; it's your birthday!

Atlas: It is? Sweet! *blows out candles*

GAH! Unibrow!

Atlas: Wut?

Uh, nothing! Nothing at all...

Atlas may have gotten some of the more unfortunate physical features in this family, but he's also got some interesting traits:

Child Trait: Neat
Child Aspiration Trait: Creatively Gifted
Teen Trait: Perfectionist
Adult Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Aspiration Trait: Dastardly

So now he wants to become Public Enemy #1?

I can work with that. Mwahahaha...

That weekend, I sent him to the park to do some mean interactions for his first milestone.

Atlas: I don't like YOU...

Atlas: ... I dont' like YOU...

Atlas: ... and I especially don't like YOU.

Victim: You already told me that like five minutes ago. What's your problem?


Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Altair: Oh yeah, birthday timez *derp*

It was time to age Altair up to an adult! As you can see, there was no change at all in his appearance. Altair's derpage is timeless.

Dahlia was a good mommy and spent lots of time with her baby girl, even though Gemma didn't really need all the attention. This kid almost never cried; a perfect gem (see what I did there? ;) )

Before I knew it, it was time for baby Gemma to grow up! Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of her aging out of the bassinet, but here she is post makeover:

You guyz, I think I'm in love. This kid is just so darn cute! She rolled a completely random trait entirely apart from her family: Slob. This should be interesting in a family full of neat freaks.

Gemma: Hey, I'm the youngest now, so I can do what I want!

She also rolled the Artistic Prodigy child aspiration, so I immediately sent her to the drawing table.

Gemma: *grumble* I can still do what I want, when I want...

I was inspired to turn the nursery into Gemma's bedroom, since I am a benevolent Watcher and decided against having her share a room with her older brothers.

This kid is killing me with her adorableness! ^_^

Dahlia got promoted to fitness instructor, so Altair became her mentoring victim.

Dahlia: Oh come on, you can go faster than that!

Altair: *owwww*

Dahlia: Wimp.

And that's it for this episode! (Told you it'd be a short one, lol) The competition for heirship is heating up! Who will turn on the charm?

Zuben: My charm is on! I just didn't want to break the camera with my awesomeness by being in this picture.

Atlas: What a dork.

Castor: Hark! The Unibrow speaks!

Atlas: That's it, you're on my list now!

Dahlia: My family rawks.

Happy Simming!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chapter 2.2 Boys Rule, and Girls Drool.

Aaaaaaaaand we're back! Unfortunately, the first thing Stella decided to do was kick the bucket for the second time, despite Dahlia successfully pleading for her life just 12 sim hours before.

Farewell Stella, our Legacy Founder! We love you!

Nice. :)

I placed her next to Anderson's grave marker in the legacy family cemetery (which I would eventually have to demolish, but more on that later...)

Then there was the matter of Stella's old bedroom. I decided to turn it into a workout room specifically for Dahlia's Fitness career so she could do her daily work outs without having to solely rely on jogs around the block.

Dahlia: Gotta work off that baby fat!

I think she took to it pretty well.

When she wasn't spending time on the treadmill, she was taking care of this little screamer. Cute as a button, but would cry even after being fed, socialized, and changed.

All day...

... and all night.

Needless to say, a very sleep-deprived Altair was relieved when it was finally Atlas' birthday.

Altair: *yawn* Is it over yet?


Atlas: Ladies.

It's a good thing you're so darn cute.

Atlas rolls his mother's Neat trait, and the aspiration Artistic Prodigy.

Which means lots and lots of time spent on the drawing table!

I know it's supposed to be Elmer's glue, but it totally looks like Cheez Whiz, which would only give further credence to this family's obsession with all things cheese (grilled cheese, mac n cheese, etc.)

Aaaaaand the chipmunk voice is back! LOL - I crack up every time I hear this kid talk.

Dahlia: Grrrr! Hear me RAWR! *pops out chest*

She was actually sore from the previous day's run, but the pic is still hilarious. XD

I still have yet to figure out what these little trash fruits are for. It says you can eat them, but I'm having a hard time subjecting any of my simmies to that kind of experimentation.

Oscar: TH3 TR@$H PL@NT$ 0WNZ U!!1!1!!

^^ Another reason I'm hesitant to try the trash fruits. o_O




Another unfortunate bathroom walk-in. This happens more times than I can count. Poor Atlas, lol.

Here he is trying to distract himself from that embarrassing memory.

Atlas: You get me, Sooper Hero Man. You always remember to knock. Also, you're tall dark and handsome, just like me!

Robot Toy: I am the greatest...

Atlas: *hypnotized* You are the greatest.

Robot Toy: Way better than that action figure...

Atlas: *hypnotized* Way better than that action figure.

Robot Toy: We are totally best friends...

Atlas: *hypnotized* I believe the term nowadays is BFF.

Robot Toy: Tomay-to, tomah-to.

Altair: This was my old room, son. Just be careful around the robot. He gets jealous.

Atlas: Yeah, I noticed.

It didn't take long for this father and son to bond. :)

Altair: Oh yeah, offspring hugz. *derp*

Altair: A rose for a r--

Dahlia: Do me NAO!

Altair: o_O

With Atlas grown up into a child, it was time to try for another possible heir.

And confetti says it's a success!

Dahlia: Guess what, honey? Remember that little thing we did ten seconds ago? Well, I'm pregnant again!

I know Altair has a pouty face, but I assure you he was thrilled at the news, LOL.

Altair: What is that, like, your third bowl of chili?

Dahlia: Eating for two, dear. Eating for two. *huge bite*

It never ceases to amaze me how much pregnant sims eat. Dahlia stays hungry all the time. It seems all she does is eat and pee, lol.

She's also surprising me by how often she jumps on that treadmill, preggo belly be damned.

Unfortunately, Atlas chose this exact moment to Enthuse About Candy with his mother.

Atlas: ... and I don't care what all the commercials say, M&Ms totally can melt in your hand. Have you ever tried eating them in the summer? It's like petting a rainbow and having it shed all over your hand.

Dahlia: As riveting as this conversation is, I am trying to stay ahead of the game by keeping the baby fat off, and your M&Ms obsession is not helping.

*moments later*

Dahlia: Ugh, damn those stupid, tasty M&Ms. *retches*

Pregnancy cravings, amirite?

Altair: Seriously, how is it every time something in this house breaks, I find this same exact circuit board in every single one of our appliances? It's like this place is bugged. Also, *derp*.

I would be worried that he's onto me, but come on, this is Altair we're talking about. XD

Studious student is studious with his studies.

Altair: When your grandfather died, he used to come back as an angry ghost an break all of our stuff all the time. One night he inadvertently planted this trash plant while knocking over our trashcan. His name is Oscar, and we have yet to discover the mysteries of the trash fruit he bears.
... and that's where babies come from. Scout's honor.

Atlas: Tee hee, you say things.

Dahlia's smug look is brought to you by a promotion to Team Mascot! Trust me honey, you'll change your tune once you see the uniform...

Dahlia: I don't care. I rawk.

Yooouuuu keep telling yourself that.

Wow, for once she's watching TV instead of running on the treadmill. Maybe that last experience of running preggers has taught you a le--

... or not. She literally went straight for the treadmill right after taking the screenshot of her watching TV. Got a reputation to uphold?

Dahlia: Something like that.

Altair: Oh yeah, boogie timez. *derp*

Dahlia very noticeably put her game face on when her hubby joined her in the fitness room. Check out that belly! And she's running at top speed too. Crazy sims.

This morning pee pee walk pic was brought to you by reasons. Tee hee.

I bet you're eating your words right now.

Dahlia: Nope, still awesome.

Dahlia: 'Sup.

Dahlia's Mom (Heather): *sigh* Where did I go wrong with her?

Unfortunately, I had to have her leave work early because her energy and other various needs were so low.

Atlas has been a busy busy bee trying to complete his Artistic Prodigy aspiration. I have yet to do this in any of my games. I always seem to run out of time before they have to age into teens.

Atlas: Soooo... how *exactly* are you eating that? I mean, can you seriously reach your food through that llamacorn mask? That seems very improbable.

Dahlia: *sigh* Where did I go wrong with him?

This grumpy face means it's GO TIME! I decided to just let her sleep through the labor instead of sending her to the hospital.

And it's another bouncing baby boy! Meet Castor Terrano!

Unfortunately, during her child labor nap, I didn't realize how low her bladder need was...

... and she promptly wet herself right after delivering the baby. My first sim accident since literally The Sims 2.

And I had such a good record too!

Dahlia: At least you're not the one doing the walk of shame.

I sorry simmy :(

She sure does make cute babies though! Castor looks pretty identical to his older brother at this age. Let's hope he doesn't exhibit the same fussy qualities Atlas had.

Atlas: I don't know what they're talking about. I was an awesome baby. Boop! Gotcha nose!

Altair: OMG it's baby timez!! *derp!*

For all that his timing sucks, Altair is a very nurturing father to all his babies.

And this kid wasn't too bad either. He only cried when he was hungry or needed a diaper change. Unlike his brother. *cough cough*

Atlas: Enjoy it now, little brother. The moment you grow up, it'll be nothing but, "Get back to work on your aspiration!" all the time.

He's not entirely wrong. I've been keeping Atlas at either the drawing table or the stuffed animals to build up his creativity, so he never gets any screen time because he hardly does anything else. Poor thing.

Dahlia: Doo doo doo, just makin' a protein plate--

Dahlia: Oww! Not cool, steak seasoning! Not cool!

These little guys just grow up too fast...

Castor inherits his father's Bookworm trait and is granted the Social Butterfly aspiration. Ugh. I hate that one.

These two wasted no time getting started on Baby #3.

Dahlia: Woohoo!

Altair: Woohoo! *derp*

Dahlia: Guess what sweetie? You're going to have a new baby brother or sister!

Castor: Awesome! Moar friend fodder!

Meanwhile, in the bathroom...

Atlas: Do you people never knock?!?

It's the weekend, which means it's time to focus on aspirations! I sent Castor out to mingle with the unsuspecting victims neighbors.

Even Castor's grandmother came to visit.

Castor: ... and I have two stuffed animals that talk to me, a whole buncha super awesome action toys (especially the robot) and five different frogs! Wanna go see?

Castor's G-ma (Heather): Well aren't you cute.

It didn't take long for Castor to draw a crowd.

Jesus Hair: Soooo, why are we all here? And why is that kid still talking?

Yellow Skirt: I think we'd be safe to walk away unnoticed.

Heather: *sigh* Where did my daughter go wrong with him?

Sideburns: I think he makes some valid points there...

Heather: Says the one with the unfortunate capri pants.

Yellow Skirt: Heh heh, burn.

After many long hours spent on instant message, Altair now has the 12 friend requirement for his milestone! The next one: Have 20 friend. *gulp*

Robot Model: Photo bomb ftw.

Dahlia: Blargh!

Poor Dahlia. This 3rd pregnancy was a little rough on her.

So Castor only needed one more person to introduce himself to, so I selected the option to introduce himself to this guy who happened to be walking by outside. Thing is, I did this while Castor was eating breakfast, so weirdo here just invited himself in so he didn't have to interrupt Castor's meal. That sounds totally legit.

Castor: I've got two stuffed animal who talk to me, a buncha really cool awesome action figures (especially the robot; we're BFFs)--

"Legit" Guy: I've got a ton of ice cream in the back of my car. You want some?

Castor: No thanks, I just ate.

"Legit" Guy: Puppies. I meant puppies. Wanna go see them?

Castor: Er, no. Maybe you should go now.


Atlas is hard at work trying to max out his creativity skill for the final tier of his child aspiration (I'm so close!)

And because his father was hogging the only computer in the house to make his 20 friends, Castor got his own computer in the nursery to build his social skill in the child-friendly chat rooms.  Probably not the worst idea given his most recent encounter.

Castor: Creeper.

And what was Dahlia doing in the midst of all this weekend skill-building?

Dahlia: You are all pigs.

Heather decided to drop by for a visit, despite being held captive in her grandson's conversation the day before. She visits nearly every day now, but I don't always invite her in because the only thing she seems to want to do is mourn one of the tombstones in the graveyard. I tried to cut access by putting a hedge completely around it, but apparently the mourn interaction has a very large range. Since I don't want any of my future guests always leaving sad every time they visit, I ended up just putting the tombstones in the family inventory and getting rid of the graveyard.

Someone else came knocking later that day. :)

Castor: *inhales* Ahh, nothing like the smell of fresh friend fodder.

Sirius: What was that?

Castor: Nothing.

These two actually hit it off pretty well. Before he knew it, Castor had made a new friend.

Castor: You're the coolest uncle evar!

Sirius: You said it, Guitar.

Old habits die hard, I guess.

Yay! Dahlia finally got promoted out of that humiliating llamacorn costume!

... and into a pregger cheerleader one.

Ok, so maybe the costume itself isn't pregnant, but it's still pretty darn funny.

Listening to these two talk together is like watching an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. So many ridiculously high-pitched voices. XD

This broken wall image was brought to you by, everyone working on their Charisma at the same time. Except for Atlas. Who's almost done drawing his last drawings for his aspiration. ^_^

And just like that, Dahlia's water broke!

Dahlia: Owwww!

Altair: Baby?? BEHBEH!! *derp*

Dahlia: Good job sweetie. You're actually on time this time.

In the midst of all the chaos, Atlas would like to inform all of you that he has successfully managed to complete his child aspiration of being an Artistic Prodigy and has earned the Creatively Gifted trait! Completing a child aspiration is not only a first in this family, but a first for me in this game. I'm so proud. ^_^

Atlas: Yay me!!

Aaaaaand it's time for Baby #3!

And it's a boy! Please welcome baby Zuben Terrano everyone! Apparently, there will be no girls in this generation, and all the boys are identical, lol.

Who will Zuben take after? Will he be a little angel or an infant terror? Will Castor ever complete the dreaded Social Butterfly aspiration? And what will Atlas do with all of his free time now?

Atlas: Not play the violin ever again, that's for sure.

Everyone: *cheers*

Atlas: Jerks.

Happy Simming!