Generation 2: Altair Terrano

Generation 2: Altair Terrano
The Life and Legacy of Stella Terrano

Monday, May 18, 2015

Chapter 2.3 Contender: A Minisode

Welcome back! This will just be a small installment to hold everyone over until I can get a proper post fleshed out. I must warn you though, I've been playing this family and gotten behind on posting, so I'll be fast forwarding through these pictures a bit <_<

What's this? Having trouble calming the wee baby Zuben, are we?

Atlas: Nope! Uhh, not at all! *how do you get this thing to shut up??*

Castor: Well, you know what they say about Karma...

Dahlia: So, wanna have fun timez? ;)

Altair: Uhh, sure! *derp*

Aaaaaand more on that later...

because it's already time for Zuben to grow up!

Zuben: Best birthday suit evar!!

He inherited his mother's Neat trait.

Zuben: Oh yeah, I rawk.

... and maybe possibly her ego.

 Atlas: Check out my chicken dance!

Altair: Oh yeah, family boogie timez *derp*

Ahhh, I'm going to miss these early morning pee pee walk races to the only two toilets on the lot.

Synchronized homeworking at its finest.

Castor: You could say we're N'Sync!


Dahlia: *blargh!*

Poor mama. This 4th pregnancy was not easy on her.

... oh, did I not mention Dahlia's pregnant again? :)

Dahlia: Ugh, all these fun timez keep coming back to bite me on the ass...

Too late to complain about that now, you've got a baby on the way!

Dahlia: I wut?

Dahlia: Owwwww!!

Don't let that blue bassinet fool you...


We finally have a girl in the mix! Everyone, meet Gemma Terrano. ^_^

Dahlia decided to celebrate by whipping up breakfast for everyone.

Dahlia: Oh yeah, I RAWK! *sets stove on fire*

Dahlia: So I've gathered you all here to make an important announcement; I just gave birth to your new baby sister!


Castor: ... what is this "sister" you speak of?

Zuben: You were pregnant?

Atlas: Is Mom saying words again?

Dahlia: *headdesk*

Atlas: But I don't wanna 'nother sibling! It's too full in this house, and I've got enough competition already!

Zuben: Don't care. I rawk.

Cheer up, Atlas; it's your birthday!

Atlas: It is? Sweet! *blows out candles*

GAH! Unibrow!

Atlas: Wut?

Uh, nothing! Nothing at all...

Atlas may have gotten some of the more unfortunate physical features in this family, but he's also got some interesting traits:

Child Trait: Neat
Child Aspiration Trait: Creatively Gifted
Teen Trait: Perfectionist
Adult Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Aspiration Trait: Dastardly

So now he wants to become Public Enemy #1?

I can work with that. Mwahahaha...

That weekend, I sent him to the park to do some mean interactions for his first milestone.

Atlas: I don't like YOU...

Atlas: ... I dont' like YOU...

Atlas: ... and I especially don't like YOU.

Victim: You already told me that like five minutes ago. What's your problem?


Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Altair: Oh yeah, birthday timez *derp*

It was time to age Altair up to an adult! As you can see, there was no change at all in his appearance. Altair's derpage is timeless.

Dahlia was a good mommy and spent lots of time with her baby girl, even though Gemma didn't really need all the attention. This kid almost never cried; a perfect gem (see what I did there? ;) )

Before I knew it, it was time for baby Gemma to grow up! Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of her aging out of the bassinet, but here she is post makeover:

You guyz, I think I'm in love. This kid is just so darn cute! She rolled a completely random trait entirely apart from her family: Slob. This should be interesting in a family full of neat freaks.

Gemma: Hey, I'm the youngest now, so I can do what I want!

She also rolled the Artistic Prodigy child aspiration, so I immediately sent her to the drawing table.

Gemma: *grumble* I can still do what I want, when I want...

I was inspired to turn the nursery into Gemma's bedroom, since I am a benevolent Watcher and decided against having her share a room with her older brothers.

This kid is killing me with her adorableness! ^_^

Dahlia got promoted to fitness instructor, so Altair became her mentoring victim.

Dahlia: Oh come on, you can go faster than that!

Altair: *owwww*

Dahlia: Wimp.

And that's it for this episode! (Told you it'd be a short one, lol) The competition for heirship is heating up! Who will turn on the charm?

Zuben: My charm is on! I just didn't want to break the camera with my awesomeness by being in this picture.

Atlas: What a dork.

Castor: Hark! The Unibrow speaks!

Atlas: That's it, you're on my list now!

Dahlia: My family rawks.

Happy Simming!