Generation 2: Altair Terrano

Generation 2: Altair Terrano
The Life and Legacy of Stella Terrano

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chapter 2.1 Weddings and Nooboos and Grims, Oh My!

Welcome back everyone, to the first chapter of the 2nd generation! We'll kick things off with a little skill building (not interesting, I know, but a necessary evil)

Stella's got to get 5 skill sets up to level 5, so she's working on her programming.

Meanwhile, Altair brushes up on his charisma. He's gonna need all he can get if he's going to make all the friends for his aspiration.

Sirius has to get his Logic skill to level 6 for his next milestone.

And what's Dahlia working on? Not much, just cleaning after everybody else.

Dahlia: You are all pigs.

That Neat trait sure does come in handy, lol. That's all she does when she comes over to visit is clean. Wish I had friends IRL that were like that. :P

It's Stella's birthday, but she's still pretty bummed about losing Anderson. I don't wanna age her up sad, so lots of time spent crying it out might be in order. :(

In actuality, Stella was still sad, and Dahlia was just bored, but I like to think Stella is totally telling her off for messing around in her bed the day before.

Stella: Seriously?? I had to wash those sheets five times. Count 'em, FIVE. Also, YOU'RE GROUNDED.

Dahlia: Um, you're not even my mom...


Aaaaaand the future in-law relationship is off to a great start!

By the end of the day, Stella was feeling better and ready to blow out some candles.

Are you ready, Stella??

Stella: Let's do this!!

Stella: Ow, my back! Being old sucks.

I had to give her a makeover to help her look more Grandmother-y.

... even if she doesn't quite act like one yet.

I don't know but I've been told, Stella's gettin' pretty old!

Stella: If by pretty old you mean killer fit, then YES.

Whatever you say, Grandma.

What's super frustrating is every time I send her out for a jog it ends prematurely with the Dangerously Tired moodlet. She needs to work out for her daily task, but can't seem to get it done with her being so old anymore. I can't have her retire yet because she's the only one with income in this family.

Boys, it's time for you two to get jobs.

Sirius: That doesn't sound like fun at all...

Altair: But I'm soooooo tired...

That because you keep waking up 3 hours after I send you to bed! Stahp it!

Man, it's a good thing Sirius's birthday notice popped up later that day, or else they would've been broke real quick.

"Bills have just been delivered to your mailbox. You owe $1310..."


Blow those candles out NAO!

Sirius: Ok ok! Geez.

And Sirius inherits the Good trait from his late father, Anderson. That's 2 for 2 now!

Oh, ok, *now* you autonomously mourn your father's death? Denial much?

And we have our first cameo from the Netherworld! Unfortunately, Anderson looks pissed about something.

Anderson: Try to hit on *my* woman after my death, will you? I'll show him...

Now now, knocking over trashcans never solved anything.


Seriously? How is your energy already full?? It's only 12:45am!


Anderson: I know what you did in my bed. You're grounded.

Altair: ... Well poop.

Death cannot stop the hand of parental judgement, apparently.

What is this???

It looks like I've acquired a trash plant from the trash that Anderson knocked over. I didn't even know those existed. Neato!

Stella: I shall call him Oscar, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Oscar.

Because he was planted by a grouchy person?

Nice. :)

I immediately had Sirius join the Astronaut career. It seemed to line up with his Nerd Brain aspiration the most.

Wow, that was quick. Apparently plants grow at turbo speed in TS4. This was still on the first day.

Oscar: I IZ S00P3R PL@NT! PH33R M3 D00DZ! PH33R M3 @ND M@ PL@NT SKIILZ!1!


Sirius woke up that morning in his first Insanity-enduced Angry mood.

Sirius: I'm so angry Imma stab these eggs. With a spoon. Because reasons.

Now now, senseless violence never solved anyth-

Sirius: Imma kill you, eggs. Imma kill you in front of all these people.


*backs away slowly*

Stella: Sirius honey, you really need to calm down. There is nothing wrong with the eggs.

Sirius: They're evil! And the chicken who laid them is no better! And what's worse, WE HAVE NO IDEA WHICH CAME FIRST. It's all a ruse to keep us off their trail. It's a conspiracy, I tell you! A CONSPIRACY!

Stella: ... oooooookay then.

Aww, little Oscar has tiny trash bag fruits! LOL

Dammit Anderson! Quit your destructive rampages! I swear, this happens every night now. I ended up having to send his spirit to the Netherworld because I was so tired of spending every morning cleaning and repair the bathrooms.

Guess what time it is?? :)

Altair: Oh yeah, birthday timez. *derp*

And how fortuitous that Dahlia should join us for the occasion!

Derpiest candle-blowing face yet. X-D

And Altair's final adult trait is...


... Loner.


Really?!? His aspiration is Friend of the World, and he rolls the Loner trait??



I'll have to worry about that later; right now it's Dahlia's turn to join Altair into young adulthood!

I immediately had Altair put her in the mood with some declarations of love before doing this...

Dahlia: What're you doing?

Dahlia: *gasp!*

Altair: Dahlia darling, I love you so much. Will you be my mad legacy baby-making machi-- I mean wife?

Dahlia: Yeah, that rock looks legit.

Dahlia shows her Materialistic side, LOL.

Dahlia: Priorities.

And in true legacy fashion, they elope right on the spot, which had absolutely nothing at all to do with me trying to save money for bills. <_<

And after a necessary makeover (those boots >_< ), we welcome Gen 2 spouse Dahlia Harvey Terrano!

Traits: Active, Neat, Materialistic
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Aspiration Trait: Business Savvy

Dahlia: Oh yeah, I'm awesome.

Dahlia joined the Athletic career while I had Altair go into the Entertainment career with the intention of completing the Comedian branch.

Because of the anticipation of a rapidly growing family, I had to move Sirius out into the world.

Sirius: Later 'taters!

Dahlia: Guess what time it is? :)

Altair: ... Woohoo timez?

Dahlia: Woohoo timez.

Altair: Oh yeah, I love this woman. *derp*


And the pregnancy test says...

Eating for two! And on the first try!

Her insta-bump is so adorable. ^_^

It would seem Altair has finally outgrown his insomniatic tendancies. He went to bed at his normal time and did not wake up till daylight. I think maybe his teen self was just bugged.

Aww, first Gen 2 family meal. :)

Well, except for Altair.

Altair: This book is delicious *derp*


Poor Dahlia is struggling with the morning sickness. Nice thing is, she just turns right around and cleans up after herself every time. Not only does she get her Fun fulfillment from cleaning, she gets a Blissfully Clean moodlet that grants her +2 to Happiness. A really nice way to balance out the aches and pains of pregnancy, if you ask me.

Seriously, only a neat freak would try to mop the desert. X-D

It took me a minute to figure out who this was, but a quick glance into Dahlia's relationship tab told me it was actually her mother, Heather Harvey.

Dahlia: Guess what, Mother? I have something big to tell you!

Heather: Did you get your head stuck in a cow plant again?

Dahlia: Er, no. I got married and I'm pregnant with your first grandchild.

Heather: *lip wibble* My baby's having a baby!

You wanna talk about babies making babies? Dahlia's mom is *also* a young adult. In what universe does that make sense? Ok maybe in RL, but not in the sims world!

You guys, I am seriously loving her Neat trait. Nothing stays dirty for long. I don't even have to drag dishes into the sink anymore; she always grabs them before I can. ^_^

I have discovered the secret to helping Altair make all the friends without ever having to deal with the Stranger Danger moodlet: online chat. He also gets a +1 Happy moodlet from being alone. Win win!

Just look at that face! I love Dahlia's attitude. I am definitely developing a soft spot for this one. :)

It's getting pretty close to Stella's last days, so I'm having her retire so she can spend time with the baby when it arrives. If she can even see the baby. Her vision isn't so good lately.

Stella: Nonsense! My eyes are better than ever! *misses bowl entirely*

I went digging through their family inventory and discovered some countertops that Anderson apparently earned from his job. How I missed that is beyond me, but I decided to do some remodeling in their home. Here's the newly updated kitchen and dining area:

I decided to update their living room as well. It needed a facelift:

Baby bump cameo!

Stella just got her final day notice, so here is what is most likely a final screen shot of Stella skillfully and violently chopping some onions in the kitchen.

She did manage to snag one last promotion to Low-Orbit Specialist and earn this portable galaxy light. Neat!

It's go time!! Go baby go!

I sent them to have their baby at the hospital. Dahlia looks absolutely thrilled, lol.

A few hours later...

We welcome baby boy Atlas into the world!

He is absolutely precious!

This one is probably my fav: Grandma Stella meeting baby Atlas for the first time. ^_^

Well, it was cute while it lasted, LOL. This kid likes to wake up crying. Every. Time.

Dahlia's mother came over for a visit, no doubt to see her new grandson.

Even Dahlia's little brother, Sri, stopped by, though he looked like he was pissed about something.

It's probably the boots. I'm pretty sure he got those from his sister.

Dahlia: Hey squirt! No hard feelings about the boots, right?

Sri: Absolutely. *all I need is some Ben-gay, Nair, and super glue...*

Dahlia: Wut?

Sri: Nothing! 0:-)

Hey, at least he was willing to take care of the screaming baby. Not many little brothers would do that, especially in his sister's hand-me-down boots.

Sri: *grumbles*

Uh oh... you guys, I think this is it...

It's time to say goodbye to our Founder already! :'(

Grim Reaper: Welp, we got another floater...

Really Grim??

Unfortunately, Altair was stuck at work, so it was up to Dahlia to plead for Stella's life.

Did it work?

Wahoo! We've got Stella back for a little while longer!

Dahlia: Oh yeah, I RAWK.

Dahlia: Hey, remember that time that you died, and you totally thought you were dead, and then I pleaded with the Reaper to bring you back, and then you came back from the dead? Yeah, that was awesome. I'm awesome.

Stella: I still don't forgive you for fooling around in my bed.

Dahlia: ... yeah ok, that's fair.

Happy Simming!!

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  1. Not sure where I got the link to your story, but I'm glad I found it. Loved reading and can't wait to see who baby Atlas ends up looking like.