Generation 2: Altair Terrano

Generation 2: Altair Terrano
The Life and Legacy of Stella Terrano

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chapter 1.7 The Increasingly Derpy Antics of Altair Terrano

Welcome back everyone! And say hello to Generation 2 heir, Altair!

Say hi, Altair!

Altair: Derp.


First thing I did was age up Vivian, as it was her birthday. She rolled the Creative trait upon aging into a young adult.

After getting her set up in the Culinary career, I moved her out of the house.

I was a little sad to see her go, but it would be a short lived sorrow, as you will see in a bit.

Bye Viv!

Not a full sim hour later, I got the notice saying it was almost Anderson's time and to make the most of it. Nooooooo! Who will do all the cooking, cleaning and repair work in this family?

Anderson: "Gee thanks."

Stella is still 5 days away from being an elder, but as I've already used up Andy's youth potion freebee, there's not much I can do. Sadness. :(

Um, Altair? Why are you up at stupid o'clock in the morning? It's only 12:30am.

Might as well clean the toilet while you're up.

... and fix the sink.

Altair: *grumbles*

Hey, if you're going to be the next gen's heir, you need to learn these life skillz!

Altair: But at butt-o'clock in the morning?

You're problem, not mine. :P

Don't worry, I did eventually send him to bed, but he was still pretty grumpy when he left for school. Better turn that frown upside down, because after school you're going to the park to introduce yourself to 10 people for you aspiration's milestone (and maybe even meet your future spouse ^_^ )

Still best friends and soulmates. <3

Awww! Not even a sim days goes by before her first visit!

Vivian: Hey Dad!

Mai feelz ^_^

Thanks to his Goofball trait, Altair is *always* in a playful mood.

Because making faces at the dinner table is always appropriate, lol.

Vivian: Aww, I've kinda missed his antics.

Anderson: ... you've only been gone like 12 sim hours.

Vivian: Your point?

Anderson: *headdesk*

Now that their needs are buffed up, it's time to send these kiddos to the park!

As soon as the lot loaded, Altair was already chatting it up with a fellow teen named Lea Santiago.

Lea: So I told her to tell her friend that I thought her boyfriend's sister's cousin-in-law's new iPhone 3.14159265359 was off the chain, and she was all like, "What, this old thang?" when I knew she didn't mean it because she'd seen me with this old clunker... are you even listening?

Altair: ... derp?

Ok, maybe not exactly a match made in heaven. No worries, as Altair quickly found another teen to introduce himself to.

Altair:  Hey there good lookin', my mother has a dress exactly like that one.

Dahlia: *not amused* *and slightly horrified*

The good news is this seemed to be the place to be if you were a teenager, so there were plenty of sims to mingle with.

As well as the occasional evil young adult.

Evil Lacy: Your face is stupid.

No joke, that's pretty much all she did was go to everyone on the lot and insult them, putting everyone in an angry mood. I eventually had to have Altair tell her to go away. He achieved his 10 people requirement  for his milestone, but ended up going home angry and with plummeting needs. >_<

Stella was the complete opposite. She was feeling pretty good after her promotion to Command Center Lead. :)

Lip wibble alert! I had him woohoo with Stella, and he became Dangerously Tired afterwards. He is 118 days old, so I guess that's a legit concern. The woohoo wasn't even that satisfying to boot. :( Oh well.

Altair: Grrr, angry poop timez! *derp*

LMAO! Apparently, Altair woke up still angry from the conversation with Evil Lacey the night before.

Sirius: Hey Ceiling Lamp, bet you 20 bucks I can eat this BLT in only two bites.

Altair: In my happy place, just drawing happy little trees, in my happy place...

His fun level was dangerously low when he came home from school, but he also needed to eat. I seriously love multitasking in TS4. ^_^

Sirius: Let's all hang out in my room while my kid brother does his homework in the middle of the road like a dork.

Altair: Derp.

He needed to introduce himself on 3 separate lots for his next milestone, so as soon as I sent him outside to say hi, he plopped down and continued working on his homework. *facepalm*

Vivian comes over nearly every day now. Here she is being a creeper.

Vivian: I can seeeeee yoouuuuuu...


Sirius came home from school that day in a flirty mood because of a compliment received from a fellow classmate, so I took the opportunity to send him and his brother to the park again to scout out potential girlfriends.

Altair ran into Dahlia at the chess table, but she seemed to be in an angry mood.

Scary face! LMAO

Altair did manage to calm her down and put her in a better mood before she could insult him too much, lol.

 Sirius was trying to get friendly with Lea, but she also seemed to be in a foul mood. What's going on?

Evil Lacey: Muahahahaha.

Oh, great.

It may look like Altair is mocking Dahlia, but I assure you it was directed at Evil Lacey, lol.

Altair: Hey there, good-lookin', wanna hang out?

Dahlia: Well, I was gonna blow this popsicle stand, but I liked the way you implied to Evil Lacey that her mother was a llama. Sure, let's hang!


Derpy McDerpins at the grill + zero cooking skill x Fire = this could be fun.

Altair: I really don't know what you're talking about. I'm fantastic. *derp*

Dahlia: I just love the way you don't set this grill on fire.

Dahlia: Though I think I would've preferred a grilled cheese.

Honey, I think you'll fit right in with this family. :P

Sirius, I think you may be boring this poor girl to death.

Sirius: Nonsense! She's riveted!

Lea: Ugh, FML.

Hang on...

Is that?...

Georgia: Oh plum. They found me.

Sirius: Why hellooooooooooo! Fancy meeting you here.

Georgia: Seriously, isn't it past your bedtime? Can't you see I'm trying to hit it off with this guy who, by the way, is also a young adult, like me?

Sirius: My love knows no bounds. <3

Georgia: Weird little man-child.

It actually was 1:30am and way past their bedtimes, lol, so I sent them home.

Only to have this happen...


Poor Anderson died right before Stella even aged into an elder. :(

What got me was that Grim Reaper was in a flirty mood. O_o

REALLY?? You think *now* is the appropriate time to hit on the widow???

Grim Reaper: Hey baby-

Stella: I will kill you with my brain.

Grim Reaper: O_o

Good for you, Stella. You don't need a creeper like that in your life.

In honor of the first death of this legacy, I figured now was as good a time as any to start an onsite graveyard.

RIP, Anderson. You will be missed. :(

Poor thing got a Very Sad moodlet at becoming a widow for two days. :(

The rest of the family, however, didn't even notice the change. I guess you had to be there. :/

Saturday morning means it's time to work on aspirations! Altair only needs to introduce himself on one more lot, so I had him invite Dahlia out to the lounge.

And who else was running the bar but Vivian. :)

Vivian: Yo.

Altair got his last required intro in before settling into a group conversation.

He was only just starting to flirt with Dahlia when she decided to up and leave the lot without any notice. :/ Time to invite her home for some serious romance spamming.

After plenty of flirting and hugging (and hair eating O_o really?), Altair went in for his first kiss.


I happened to notice that a new romantic option called Mess Around became available. I had never heard of this social, so I got curious.


GAAHH!!! And in your mother's bed too! The day after your father's death! FOR SHAME!

Meanwhile, Stella and Sirius were completely oblivious to the scandalous activity going on in the next room, lol.

Altair: Oh yeah, I'm awesome. *derp*


As soon as Dahlia woke up I sent Altair over to make things official.

Altair: Sooooo... wanna be my girlfriend?

Dahlia: Uh, YES!

Commence cute selfies!

And on that note, I'm calling it a day. Happy simming!


  1. I'm really not sure what to make of that "Mess Around" social. Holy crap. O_o

    "Babies makin' babies!"