Generation 2: Altair Terrano

Generation 2: Altair Terrano
The Life and Legacy of Stella Terrano

Monday, February 16, 2015

Chapter 1.5 Game-changer


AAAAAAND we're back!

Audience: *cheering*

After a *coughcough* "brief" break away from TS4 (It's all Guild Wars 2's fault! Amazing game, really - go check it out!), I became very excited over hearing the announcement of the Get Back To Work expansion coming in April, so I thought I'd visit my beloved Legacy family to see how they were doing.

Hmm, nothing interesting here...

 Oops, pardon me. Wrong room...

Awww, Altair grew up into a cutie-pie! ^_^

Let's see what he rolled:

Aspiration: Whiz Kid (whew)
Child Trait: Goofball (aww :) )

Wait, why are you making the birthday cake *now*? He's already aged up...

... O_O


And after a quick makeover, she's quite adorable ^_^

Vivian Terrano
Final Aspiration: Master Mixologist
Traits: Good, Genius, Essence of Flavor

Alright, not bad!

Aww, mommy-daughter reading times. <3

It's at this point in the game that I realize just how *exhausting* managing five sims really is.

I mean, seriously, coming back from 4 months of playing exclusively single characters in other games just makes it that much harder to get back into the ol' multitasking routine.

 Between skill building and going to school/work and aspirations and milestones, ain't nobody got time for things like bladder control and  hunger management!

So I got to thinking...

What if this were not just a legacy challenge, but also a......

ISBI (I'm Surrounded By Idiots) Challenge?!?


Audience: *Gasp!*

It would certainly spice things up a bit, not to mention make it easier (or harder?) to manage this ever-growing household. Since I'm not exactly keeping score on this challenge anyway, I'm not too concerned with an unfair advantage of starting the ISBI challenge this late in the game

... which would make Stella our TH (Torch Holder) at this point until the next TH (whoever that may be) reaches young adulthood.

Stella: *lip wibbles* You mean I have to do *everything* all by myself??

Vivian: We're doomed, I tell you! DOOOOOMMMMED!

Um, Viv hon, you know you're a teenager now, right?

Vivian: Oh, right. Derp.

Anderson: *facepalm*

Will I be able to hang onto my sanity, or will I eventually throw in the towel? And who will be the next heir/TH?

Stay tuned!

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