Generation 2: Altair Terrano

Generation 2: Altair Terrano
The Life and Legacy of Stella Terrano

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chapter 1.4 Harry Potter and the She-Man

Time for another update!

We left last time with Stella becoming pregnant with Baby #2 and Vivian growing up into quite a cutie! Here she is playing with the Dood,

and apparently winning, lol. I would say the Dood doesn't get out much, but he is always asking to come over. :-/ He doesn't seem to mind losing to a 1st grader though, and this gives Vivian a chance to work on her social as well as mental skills. She is a Whiz Kid after all, so she'll need to build up all 4 child skills at some point. I foresee very little free time in this young one's future...

Poor Stella is HUGE. Her pregnancy was fairly uneventful though, so not a lot of pictures at this stage. I don't think she even vomited once.

I love the stuffed animals in this game. Here, Vivian chats it up with her teddy bear, Brownie Bell. This was a great way to build up her social when there was no one else to talk to.

Though over the weekend, this little girl happened to walk by the house. Given how rare it is to see other townie children in this game, I sent Vivian out to say hi.


I have no idea who that is, but she is a BEAST. Look at her arms! LOL

This is the last screenshot I took before Baby #2 was born (I may or may not have gotten lazy and forgot to take pictures of the birth :P ) It is also at this point that I got the brilliant idea to name all of my offspring after names of stars, in honor of the founder's name, Stella. Poor Vivian missed the boat on that one I guess, lol.

So without any further delay, everyone say hello to Sirius Terrano!

No green skin this time, as you can see, but it would seem that he has his mother's eyes. Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I got of his infancy (laziness wins again, lol). On the plus side, he was a much happier baby than his older sister. :)

So now we jump ahead to child Sirius!

Holy crap, he's the spittin' image of his father! Except for his eyes, which he got from his mother.

Sound like any other fictional character we might know?

Seriously you guys, after his makeover he could totally pass for Harry Potter, minus the glasses.

Figures I'd give him a Harry Potter name too. *cue The Twilight Zone theme*

Anyway, here's what he rolled on his personality trait and aspiration:

Personality Trait: Loner
Child Aspiration: Social Butterfly


What the deuce? He gets his mother's loner trait and the freaking social butterfly aspiration?! This kid is a walking dichotomy!


It's a good thing he's so adorable.

Seriously, if only y'all knew just how high and squeaky his little voice was, it would make this next shot so much better. It's like having Alvin and the Chipmunks singing in your shower, LOL.

Everything he does is adorable! Well, except for maybe this:

Thanks a lot Sirius. The first time your mother had to fix the fridge I nearly had a heart attack for fear she would electrocute herself. :P

What is the rest of the family doing, you ask? Well, I had sent Anderson to the lounge to perform some comedy routines at the mic to earn the tips required for his next promotion. Except that he didn't have any routines available. Because he apparently has to write them first. Because herp a derp.

So I sent him to the library to write some routines at the computer. Since Sirius has to meet 10 people for his first milestone *groan*, I send him along too.


No joke, the minute I send him into a room full of strangers, he sits on this ottoman and begins glaring at me. LMAO! Don't worry sweetie, I'll make it quick!

He was extremely tense throughout the ordeal, but managed to make it out alive, and with 10 new acquaintances under his belt.

I figured some time alone would help calm him down.

Daaaawwwww!!! He's so freaking cute. ^_^

Now with some comedy routines available, I sent Anderson back to the lounge to earn some tips

I also had a sudden "aaawwww!" moment when I heard the original TS2 theme playing over the speakers. <3 <3 <3

It was a little rough at first, since everyone was sitting at the bar not  listening to his jokes, but after a while people started drifting over.

First one...

then two...

then three...

... then four?

Anderson: Uh, lady? Really? I'm in the middle of a routine here! Take your crappy guitar playing somewhere else before you scare the crowd away!

It's at this moment I spied someone familiar outside...

 Ugh, those arms. o_O

Anderson: Thanks lady, thanks a lot. Now everyone's run outside to stare at the She-Man. There go my tips and promotion.


Meanwhile, the kids were home from school and already working on their homework like good little offspring.

And poor Mom was having morning sickness in a filthy bathroom.

Surprise! She's pregnant with Baby #3!

I know, I'm lazy! lol

Poor thing spent most of her pregnancy cleaning and fixing broken objects. Everything breaks all the time now.

That weekend was spent doing some major skill building/milestone achieving:

 Hey! Gaming is a skill too! lol. She has to reach level 2 in three different careers for one of her Renaissance Sim milestones, so I had her become a Tech Guru. Which apparently involves lots of video gaming. Dream job, amirite?

She did have to step away to make a birthday cake though, because it's time for Anderson to age into an elder already. 0_0

Anderson: Holy crap! That's a ton-load of candles!

Maybe in dog years, lol. There's maybe 6 candles on that cake. :P

Anderson: Ow, my back!

Anderson: Just kidding. I'm awesome.

The toilet broke again?? She literally just fixed it yesterday!

Wait for it...



And I wondered why Stella stayed so tired all the time during this pregnancy? lol

That look of horror would be more convincing if you were actually facing the right way.

Sirius: *snicker*

Aaaand it's go time! I actually got a screenshot this time! lol

It's another boy! Please welcome baby Altair!

Another normal skinned baby, but still cute as a button. ^_^

Sirius couldn't be more pleased. He received a happy moodlet from meeting his new sibling.

Hee hee!! So adorable!

Someone else, however, was very much not happy with the new arrival...

Look at that glare!! LMAO!

Vivian actually got the angry moodlet from "meeting an unwanted sibling"! I felt kinda bad, but I couldn't stop laughing. Emotions in TS4 are so unpredictable, and unpredictable = FUN. :P

So she took out her anger and frustration on Sirius' favorite stuffed Dino.

This upset baby Altair somewhat. Or maybe he started crying because he was hungry. Nuances.

Vivian: A brother?? A BROTHER?! Why the plum would I want another baby brother?? Now I'm outnumbered, and I don't even have a cool star name!

Sirius: Um.... well........ you have a cool hat? I don't have a cool hat. Or cool glasses.

Shut up, Harry.

After venting for a bit, Vivian was able to cool off and tried to cheer up poor Dino.

Vivian: I'm sorry I tried to punch the stuffing out of you.

Dino: *glares*

Vivian: o_O

She also took some time to work on her child skills:

With Anderson's days now numbered, I realized I needed to focus on his aspiration goals of hosting lots of parties, so I had him retire from his job to free up his time.

Next up: Will Vivian ever warm up to her new baby brother? Will Anderson be able to throw enough kick-ass parties before kicking the bucket? And where is the She-Man lurking now??

And also, who will be my next heir? Should I do a poll, or just choose at random? Let me know by commenting here or on the forums. Your opinion is appreciated!

Happy simming!

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