Generation 2: Altair Terrano

Generation 2: Altair Terrano
The Life and Legacy of Stella Terrano

Monday, September 29, 2014

Chapter 1.3 Taking Care of Baby (Make It Stop!)

Welcome back! It's been a while since my last update because I took a break from my legacy family a bit to experiment with some gameplay with other families (sacrilege, I know, lol), but now I have some new material I can't wait to post!

It looks like Andy might be inviting some friends over again. I love how easy it is to socialize in this game, but I still get mildly annoyed when I have to invite sims over to befriend, which is probably just leftover grief from having to deal with it in previous Sims games *coughTS2cough*

Since Stella is a loner I'm sending her out to do some skill building for her astronaut career while Andy has company over:

She doesn't have much of a baby bump yet, but that will soon change. :)

Meanwhile, Andy shmoozes with the neighbors inside.

Ahh, there's that baby bump!

... aaaaaaaaaand here's the obligatory preggo pee-pee walk, which she does *all the time* now, LOL.

I honestly can't remember why she's pouting in this shot. Maybe her fruit loops were too soggy?

Stella: Ugh, those fruit loops don't taste any better the second time....

Eww. Definitely the fruit loops.

I bought a premade nursery for the new baby once Stella entered her 3rd trimester.

Not a whole lot happened during Stella's pregnancy, so I was so excited to finally get the notification that Stella was in labor.

And what is the first thing she does the minute her water breaks?

You got it; she makes a grilled cheese. Predictable. :P

Reads a book for a bit...

... even takes a nap.

Damn, if only labor were this laid back IRL, amirite? XD

Finally! The moment arrives for the world to meet the first offspring of the Terrano family...

After much huffing and puffing...

... a sweet baby girl is born...

... and she is GREEN! <3

Everyone meet Vivian Terrano, first born of the 2nd generation!

Stella immediately lavishes her newborn with love and cuddles, which I absolutely *adore*.

Andy comes in to say hello to his daughter.

Awwww, how cute. Enjoy it now, because this little bundle of green joy is going to put you both through your paces (dun dun DUUUNN)

That's right; Vivian was that baby.

The one who never. Stopped. Crying.

Cute as a button, but seriously you guys, I thought I was going to reach through the screen and strangle someone, LOL. This kid was never happy!

Stella: Sssshhhh! You'll wake up the dead!

Vivian: *doesn't care* WAAAAAAAAHHH!

Thank God she finally went to sleep later that night,

which did nothing to help ease the sleep hangover Stella had the next morning. Yes, that is grilled cheese for breakfast. Must be working well though for Stella to look as perky as she does.

Guess who's awake?

Stella: Not my problem; I have to go to work. Bwahahahaha-I mean, I love you!

Andy: Hmm, she seemed in an awful hurry...

Vivian: *still not caring* WAAAAHHH!!

Andy eventually figured out that babies have to eat too, lol.

... which puts Vivian in a nice, quiet, food coma. :) Andy took the opportunity to invite some friends over.

He managed to enjoy a couple hours of pleasant conversation (and some food) before the crying started again.

Tammy: Stay here, I got this.

*A minute later*

Tammy: Oh hell no! She's all yours.

No joke, Tammy got up to go take care of the baby, stopped at the door, and walked right back out, LOL! Vivian's stinky diaper must have been one serious blowout. :P

Andy: *grumble* See if I ever invite you to one of my epic house parties ever. *grumble*

Despite her constant crying, she was still a pretty cute baby.

Just look at that face! LOL!

Still, the second I got the message saying it was Vivian's birthday, I aged her up faster than you could say, "Put a sock in it already!"


EGAHDS! Micky Mouse reincarnated in my nursery!

Whew! That looks a little better. :)

She's pretty cute, but she also ended up with Dad's weird squinty eyes, so I gave her glasses. :P Here's what she rolled for her personality and child aspiration:

Vivian Terrano
Personality Trait: Good
Child Aspiration: Whiz Kid

Ok, not too shabby! I sent her straight to the chess table to build her logic skill for the first milestone (as well as for school)...

... while her parents shooed everyone else out of the house before trying for Baby #2. :P

Andy: Hey dood, remember what happened last time?

Dood: ...Yeeaaahhhh...

Andy: How you kinda walked in on me?

Dood: ... Yeeaaahhh...

Andy: And I told you to get out?

Dood: ... Yeeaaahhh...

Andy: Well, now I'm just gonna cut to the chase and say get out.

Dood: ....

Andy: ... NOW?

Dood: Oh right, dewd! No problem!

Andy: *facepalms*

Andy: Now, where were we?

Stella: How about here?

Andy: Yup, that works!


And here is where I leave you. :)

Is Stella pregnant with Baby #2? Will Andy ever make enough friends for that next promotion? Will the Terrano family eat anything other than grilled cheese? And will The Dood finally get the message when he's outworn his welcome? (Probably never. He's one of those "knocks on your door multiple times a day" kinda sims. Seriously stalker, lol.) Find out next time!

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