Generation 2: Altair Terrano

Generation 2: Altair Terrano
The Life and Legacy of Stella Terrano

Friday, September 12, 2014

Chapter 1.1 Bringing Stella to Life

Welcome to my first The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge! It has been quite a few years since I've done any sort of challenge (not since my The Sims 2 days; The Sims 3 was waaaaay too buggy for me to make it any further than 3 generations), but I am quite excited about this one! I am bringing back an old favorite I used to play from La Fiesta Tech. The lot is set... the suit of armor is in inventory...introducing Stella Terrano!

She looks so happy! Poor thing. She puts up a good front, despite her desperate situation.

Let's take a moment to check out her stats:

Name: Stella Terrano (Founder)
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Genius, Bookworm, Loner
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Bonus Trait: Quick Learner

As you can see, I tried to model her as closely to her TS2 personality and aspiration as possible. I'd also like to thing I did a fairly decent job recreating her looks and wardrobe:

With the exception of the obvious lack of alien eyes, we're ready to roll!

First things first; getting a job. I had her choose the Astronaut career because duh.

Starting off as an Intern, she needs to enthuse about space to 3 different sims to get the next promotion. I need to find her a husband ASAP, so it sounds like it's time to mingle!

And where else does a genius sim like to hang better than the library?

... maybe at home if you're a loner and get social anxiety around large groups? :/ Stella becomes tense just a few minutes in to a group conversation over a friendly game of chess as a result of the Stranger Danger moodlet, lol. Who knows what all these scary strangers are up to?!

Stella rolls the whim to give herself a pep talk, so I indulge.

Stella: *hyperventilates*

Come on, get back in there! You don't really have a choice anywa-- I mean you can do it!

It's not long before I send her back into the fray. Time is money, people... especially when you only have 400 simoleons to your name!

Hmm let's see... married... married... *sigh* married...

Hang on. Goofy glasses, mismatched shirt and aqua pants, flaming red knee socks with flip flops... I smell a townie.

Too bad he's too busy trolling teh forums (I literally lol'd when I saw that option the first time) to pay much attention. Despite the frustrated look on Stella's face (Men; I feel ya, honey) they manage to get in a pretty decent conversation. His name is Anderson Ponder, and after getting to know him Stella discovers his first trait: Cheerful. Not bad at all!

I wasted no time inviting him over later to hang out. Their relationship is still pretty low, so I keep it on friendly terms and decide to save the flirting for tomorrow.

He's such a polite, cheerful fellow, even when being ignored for a phone game. Hey put that thing away! You need to woo this man!

He eventually leaves on his own, which is fine for now because one of the other requirements for Stella's job is for her to work out, so after a brisk shower I send her on an energized jog.

Let's just take a moment to enjoy the surrounding scenery:

I am *loving* the mountain scape. All this desert is reminiscent of Strangetown in TS2. Every so often I'll see Bella Goth take a jog past the lot. :)

Don't worry sweetie, you won't have to pee out in the open for much longer. You're going to have company over after work!

Later that night, Stella invites Anderson over again, this time with more flirtatious intentions.

A pickup line, some blowing of kisses, taking pictures...

Hey, they're pretty cute! (Bahahahaha! His socks.)

By now, they're both in a pretty romantic mood, so I take a chance when the First Kiss option shows up.

Success! And so adorable!

I ride the wave and have Stella ask him to be her boyfriend.

He said yes! He is definitely into her, but she is about to pass out from exhaustion, so I send her to bed. Marriage proposals can wait one more day, I guess. :P

Tune in next time to find out if he says yes, or if the whole thing flops as badly as his shoes (dun dun DUN!)


  1. *gigglesnorts*

    "...Astronaut career because duh" is probably my favorite line from this one. You've got me rolling already LOL.