Generation 2: Altair Terrano

Generation 2: Altair Terrano
The Life and Legacy of Stella Terrano

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chapter 1.6 The Derpage Is Real.

Well, I tried. I really did. But I have a small confession to make... I didn't even last one sim day without resisting the urge to take control of a non-Torch Holder.

I really did try! But in the end there was just too much that I wanted my lovely sims to do and I couldn't get them to do any of it; none of the kids would do their homework, no one was reaching any goals or milestones, and poor Stella was left to fix all - and I mean ALL - of the broken appliances.

The only thing that anyone was doing right was Anderson. He spent most of his time cleaning up after the family.

Anderson: Pigs.

The breaking point finally ended up being when a certain offspring decided to play video games on the computer in her parents' bedroom. Where Stella was sleeping.

That's when I finally thought, "Screw this!" and canceled the action before she could wake up her exhausted mother. >_<

Maybe sometime in the future I will attempt an ISBI challenge as a way of breaking myself of my micromanaging habits, but today is not that day, lol.

So on we go!

It's a peaceful day at the Terrano residence. The kids are at school, and Stella is enjoying one of the perks of working 2nd shift.

Stella: Cake for breakfast! *omnomnom*

(Hey, I work 2nd shift IRL. Don't judge.)

The kids get home from school, and Vivian autonomously goes straight to bed at 4pm; not surprising, as I made her get a job as a Barista, which has her working the early morning hours before school. Getting up at 4am is no fun, trust me.

Meanwhile, Vivian's younger brothers are enjoying the daylight while blowing off some steam.

Altair: Ai iz Tarzan! Heer me rawr! *derp*

You guyz, I can't help it..... he has such a derpy face. XD Maybe it's also because he rolled the Goofball trait, but every time I imagine him speaking it's in a derp voice.

Also, the reason he's in his swim trunks is because I was fixing everyone's wardrobe and unintentionally left him in his swim gear, lol. No, I haven't given them a pool yet, even though they've all rolled the whim for one. This family is still very poor at this point, so I'm having to hold off on a lot of things, like a bar and two bar stools for Vivian's Mixologist aspiration.

Altair: Oh yeah. Grilled cheezez. *derp*


One thing I've noticed since coming back from my 4 month hiatus is that there is now a *lot* of autonomous hugging, which is really kinda sweet.

Altair: Oh yeah. Brother hugz. *derp*

Vivian is waaaay too perky at 5 in the morning. Maybe it's all that coffee. It could also be the promotion she got yesterday. ^_^

Anderson: Seriously?? I just fixed this TV!

Sorry Andy; that the price to pay for low-quality appliances.

Anderson: *grumbles*

Anytime I click to auto-fix the hunger need, everyone almost always prepares a grilled cheese. Gawd I love this family. <3

BTW, just in case you were wondering, the romance is still very much alive with these two. I just haven't had them woohoo in a while because of the "Dangerously Tired" moodlet Anderson got the last time they did it. You can't die on me yet, Andy. Who would clean the house and fix all the broken things??

Anderson: *snorts* Good to know I'm appreciated in this family.

Sirius needs a BFF for his Social Butterfly aspiration (which I have not really touched that much because of his conflicting Loner trait, lol), and Altair needs to raise his Mental skill for the Whiz Kid aspiration, so they've been playing a lot of chess together.

Poor Sirius; he came home from school sad one day because apparently one of his friends didn't invite him to their birthday party, and when I chose the option to ask him about it, it resulted in being snubbed and losing a friend. Look at those tears! :'(

Stella doesn't do much of the cooking anymore, what with Anderson being a Foodie and all, but when she does, it's always with enough flair to lodge her kitchen knife into the cutting board multiple times.

Vivian's been doing a lot of the cooking as well. She's been waking up a couple hours early before her work shift (usually around 3am), so I've been using that time to have her prepare a party sized dish to feed the family for that day. Quite convenient, if you ask me.

I got tired of seeing nothing but sand and dirt all the time, so this was all I was able to afford in the way of landscaping, lol.

I seriously love having Anderson retired. He's got time to help his son reach his first milestone by reading to him for 2 hours, plus he's always autonomously helping them with their homework, which causes them to become focused. Best legacy spouse evar!

Altair: Oh yeah, storytimez. *derp*

Sirius: I used to be sad about losing my friend at school, but who needs 'em? I'm a Loner; I don't need friends! You understand me, right sis?

Vivian: Seriously, why are there still dinosaurs and bunny rabbits on your wall? Are you two?

Sirius: *sigh*

Yeah, that's what happens when you don't have enough funds to fully switch a nursery into a kids bedroom. I seriously need to figure out a way to make more monies.

What does one do when hungry AND in a playful mood, you ask?

Why, makes silly gummy bear pancakes, of course!


Wow. Kinda reminds you of Elf, doesn't it?

The pancakes were a pretty big hit with the kids too.

Oh, did I not tell you yet? Vivian finally has her bar!

I got it just in time for the weekend so she could spend that time reaching her first milestone; 1. Own a bar and two bar stools, and 2. Mix 10 drinks.

More trouble at school, Sirius? Seriously? (see what I did there? :P ) Apparently he came home angry and stressed about the teachers, because reasons.

At least Dino doesn't seem to mind his ranting, lol.

I had Anderson drink a once-allowed Youth Potion because he was looking a little too close to the end of his days, and Stella hadn't even aged into an elder yet.

Speaking of aging, guess who's birthday it is?

Sirius: Mine! *attempts to blow out candles from a mile away* Goodbye, losers in grade school! Hello high school!


OMG he's so cute!! This is the wardrobe he aged up in, too, which I love!

Let's see what he rolled:

Sirius Terrano
Traits: Loner, Insane
Aspiration: Nerd Brain

o_O My first Insane sim, lol. I can see potential in this. Mwuahahaha.

No joke; the absolute first thing he does after aging up is look at his phone. Teens. :P

Then he started "Talking to Friends" while eating a slice of birthday cake. I soon realized he meant the ceiling lamp. o_O

Sirius: Ceiling Lamp, you understand me, right?

Anderson: *gags self with a fork*

Despite having to put up with his son's talking to inanimate objects, he's still willing to help him with his homework.

Aaaaaaaand the Derpy Face Award goes to Alt-- Vivian? Really? Wow. I don't think your brother could even beat that.

This is a regular thing now - every time Sirius has a meal, he has a conversation with the nearest object. His social need is never low as a result, which actually works really well with his Loner trait. He can finally be alone all he wants and always has an audience. Probably a result of getting by without any real friends as a kid. It would be depressing except he's always so happy and cute. ^_^

Vivian: Enough about Sirius already! I'm about to have a love affair with these eggs, and you're ruining my appetite!

Altair: Derp.

Vivian: Too late. *sets plate down*

Sirius: Oh yeah, I'm awesome!

*shakes head*

I figured it was time to spice thing up for Stella and Anderson. It'd been too long since their last romantic encounter.

Vivian: Seriously?? Every time, I swear... *loses appetite*

Vivian: Oh yeah, this one's going on my profile.

Nothing helps you feel better like taking a selfie...

... on the frickin' toilet. Seriously, you guys?? What's with the toilet selfies??

I was finally able to witness some of Sirius's more unpredictable behavior. In this case, it was randomly insulting his sister, which she was able to shake off without too much fuss.

Vivian: Weirdo.

Says the one who just took a toilet selfie. *facepalms*

 I figured it was about time to do some collecting, so I sent Sirius out to the library over the weekend.

That's when I happened to spy this ravishing beauty.

Her name was Georgia, and Sirius was quite taken with her. Despite his Loner wishes, he walked over to introduce himself.

Sirius: So, come here often?

Georgia: What are you, two? Isn't it your bedtime?

Ok, so maybe she's not a Teen, but she is a Young Adult, and one can always hope she stays a young adult when he ages up. Plus, after getting to know her, he found out that she's Family Oriented. Could that be interpreted as a sign?

Sirius: Alright babe, catch ya later!

Georgia: Weirdo.

After being surrounded by strangers at the library, Sirius found some relief in his parents' bedroom while Stella works on her programming. Two loners enjoying alone time. :P

Sirius's first milestone for the Nerd Brain aspiration is to finish 2 books, which I'm trying to use this weekend to help him achieve it.

Problem is, people keep interrupting his reading to give him autonomous hugs.

Seriously, what is this, Full House? Go away!

Looks like it's birthday time! Altair's birthday, to be exact!

Altair: Oh yeah, birthday timez. *derp*

Couldn't ruin our perfect track record by *not* aging up into a derpy outfit, now could we?

Sirius: Boy, you said it, Ceiling Lamp. That outfit is just the worst.

Anderson: I'm surrounded by idiots.

Altair Terrano
Traits: Goofball, Bookworm
Aspiration: Friend of the World 

And I think I'll leave this right here for now. :)

See ya next time!



    I love resident derp-face. That was too funny.

  2. Bahahaha, I know right? Every single picture of him was like that. I wasn't even trying to catch him making the derp face. It was just always there. :P

    I may try to put one more short chapter out to show off a little more of Altair before the voting ends, but it looks like he's already got a vote. :)